Aug / 2021
Konyalilar Tekstil placed order for 7 dyeing machines

Konyalilar is one of the most important companies in the home textiles sector, which is very well known for its high-quality home textiles such as curtains, up-holstery, piqués, bed sheets and many comparable articles. Fabrics are also made for a wide range of fashion.

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Aug / 2021
Dyeing plant with large capacity put into operation at ENA Tekstil

ENA TEKSTIL, a company focused on highest quality and performance, recently launched a project for renewing their machine park in their dye house. After intensive market research they finally decided to choose KTM KRANTZ as a partner for this project and honoured us with a huge order.

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Aug / 2021
Altun Tekstil decided for KRANTZ high-quality machines

Founded in 1993, Altun Tekstil located in Bursa, very soon became a major player in the world of textiles. To keep full control about quality and process they decided to do all manufacturing steps inhouse, starting from the raw material to the finished products.

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Jan / 2021
Living & Working in times of coronavirus

The corona pandemic has presented us all with unknown, sometimes very extreme, challenges. Even though there are signs of improvement in many parts of the world today, we are all well aware that there is still a long way to go to a normality as we were used to.

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Oct / 2020
Finber Tekstil places follow-up order to Krantz

The company Finber Tekstil, based in Bursa / Turkey, has placed a follow-up order for a yarn dyeing machine with a capacity of lt. Because of the very good experience with the piece dyeing and 3 dyeing machines already bought before when the dyehouse was founded, Finber now decided to buy another machine from KTM-KRANTZ.

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Aug / 2020
SEPA places order for 12 loose stock dyeing machines

The Turkish company SEPA started as a cotton trader in Istanbul and in 1954 the company continued to expand. The company is still family-owned to this day and is run by the 3rd generation.

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Jul / 2020
Atasoy Tekstil bought 2 more piece dyeing machines

The Turkish company Atasoy has bought 2 more RAPIDDYE-piece dyeing machines. After founding the dyehouse, the company already ordered 2 and 3 more dyeing machines before. Now Atasoy placed another order for two more RAPPIDDYE piece dyeing machines with a capacity of 800 and 1,000kg.

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