dyeing machine for cross-wound bobbins, 1931


KRANTZ .. this name stands for over 135 years of industrial history.


In the westernmost city in Germany, Aachen, close to the borders with the Netherlands and Belgium, the engineer Hermann Krantz founded the company in 1882. After initially focusing on ventilation and heating systems, textile machines quickly became another strong pillar of the company. As early as the 1920s, the company was not only supplying German textile companies but was already active worldwide. Since then, the name Krantz has been synonymous with high-performance and high-quality machines in the field of finishing and discontinuous dyeing.


In 1992 the Krantz family decided to sell the company to the Deutsche Babcock Group. As part of the subsequent realignment of the company, the production of the dyeing machines was outsourced to an independent subsidiary in Turkey. Here, of course, great importance was attached to ensuring that the old quality standards  were fully guaranteed.

   dyeing machine for cross-wound bobbins, 1931

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