KTM Krantz Production Facility in Istanbul


KTM KRANTZ has been part of the PROTEKNIK GROUP since 2016 and is now an essential part of the group. The old production facility quickly proved to be too small, so in 2017 a new facility was built in Esenyurt, a district of Istanbul. Still strictly committed to the quality requirements of the German predecessor company, the dyeing machines of the world-famous KTM KRANTZ brand are now being built at this modern production facility. The facility also serves as a competence center for stainless steel production and has quickly become an important component in the process chain of the sister company PRO-SMH.

Of course, sourcing of all important machine parts is done in Germany and West Europe, starting from pure stainless steel up to high-tech electronic components as well. For KTM-KRANTZ the realization of a project is only the beginning of a long-standing partnership with our customers. Therefore, reliable after-sales service, spare parts supply, technical and technological support is guaranteed as well.


   KTM Krantz Production Facility in Istanbul

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